BattleMap Editor

This may be just me, but I have been seeing more and more games with crafting systems added to them. Many think they add another layer of depth to the game, but I am just not sure about that. Crafting is awesome when it’s central to the gameplay of the game, as in UO, Minecraft, or Eve Online. For loot-drop based games like WoW it just feels unnecessarily bolted on.

For many months we thought about it, we wanted to give you some tool to create something unique, and we like the idea of strategy being a part of your inventory, but we would prefer other ways to incorporate this than crafting.

That is why we added a BattleMap Editor.

It’s a neat way of giving the player choice and control over something crucial, tactical possibilities. In SUPERPUNK Tactics you can attack, destroy, push and interact in many ways the terrain and his layout. Giving you a battlefield where you can build things and plan your tactics is extremely satisfying. Every battle would be different from the last one, something truly exciting for the opponent, and because the terrain is symmetrical totally fair.

Combined with spreading status effects (Burning, Infected…) and you can just imagine where we are going.