Field of View

Fog of War was introduced by that insane genius Shouzou Kaga way back in Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, but not in the form most of us are used to. No, it introduced a fog of war where you can’t even see terrain if it’s outside your field of view, it gives you the feeling of venturing into the unknown against horrible odds and, yes, feeling helpless.


So what do we want to make you achieve and feel with our Field of View system ?

The thrill of marching undetected across the map and sneaking behind the enemy, the satisfaction of laying a trap or planning an ambush, the joy of blinding or altering the line of sigh of the opponent units, that’s what we aim for.

When it comes to Field of View or Fog of War, the main point is obscuring your opponents movements and/or tactic. And in order to see where their troops are moving, you need to keep a unit/spell/whatever in place to hold the fog at bay. 

Not seeing the opponent opens up tons of tactics whereas removing the field of view would eliminate a lot from the game: no more surprise attacks, fake backped or and you can’t lure your opponent to a trap, etc.

What we adopted in SUPERPUNK Tactics is a pooled system, where the player can also based on opponent visible units. Combined with some cool status effect like blind and we should have interesting encounters.